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Twiflex Limited Products Overview


Brake Calipers

Disc Brake CalipersTwiflex offers the largest range of industrial disc brake calipers in the world. Spring applied units may be retracted pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically (depending on caliper design) while most direct acting brakes have some form of positive retraction device.

In general:

Pneumatically Applied Brakes are best suited for light to medium stopping duties and for tensioning applications where a high degree of control is required.

Hydraulically Applied Brakes address higher torque requirements, while spring applied calipers are essential where braking must be maintained in the event of supply system failure.

Mechanically Applied Units are suitable for light tensioning duties or where no external power is available - they may also be specified when designers wish to use their own means of actuation.

Disc Brake Systems

Spring Applied

Direct Acting

Brake Accessories


Flexible Coupling & ShaftsTwiflex manufactures a range of torsionally flexible, rubberelement couplings for a range of duties. Sometimes combined with a brake disc, they are a critical interface between components of a transmission system. Twiflex engineers are available to discuss, analyse and advise on coupling suitability for any application, and provide the technical support needed.

Flexible Couplings & Shafts

Layrub Couplings

Laylink Couplings

Shaft Arrangements

Clutch Couplings

Link Clutch


Air-Start Clutch



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