Twiflex offers the largest range of industrial disc brake calipers in the world. Spring applied units may be retracted pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically (depending on caliper design) while most direct acting brakes have some form of positive retraction device.
Disc Braking Systems
Twiflex manufactures a range of torsionally flexible, rubber element couplings for a range of duties. Sometimes combined with a brake disc, they are a critical interface between components of a transmission system. Twiflex engineers are available to discuss, analyse and advise on coupling suitability for any application, and provide the technical support needed.
Clutch Couplings
Multi-Point shaft assemblies, including the fixed length configuration, can accommodate axial movement as well as radial and angular misalignments. There are no wearing parts and no bearings as the shafts are self-supported. In their shortest form they become a ‘close-coupled’ assembly. The couplings may be supplied with UJ or CV type joints to provide more torsional flexibility than a traditional shaft assembly, or where it is necessary to reduce transmitted noise or provide damping.
Flexible Couplings and Shafts
When purchasing a complete turning gear system integrated with locking and braking from Altra, customers can consolidate 3 separate interfaces into one multi-functional solution: Turning ‘T’, Locking ‘L’, and Braking ‘B’, which enables customers to save dimensional space, decrease installation and maintenance time and reduce costs!
Turning, Locking and Braking Systems