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Turning, Locking & Braking System | Twiflex

A Superior Solution From A Single Source

The Twiflex system comprises a Turning gear, Locking device, and shaft Brake (TLB) together with a power unit (e.g. Hydraulic Powerpack) and a control panel for local operation of the system close to the equipment. TLB is available as a continuous turning option as shown or as an indexing system using a simple hydraulic ‘push-pull’ arrangement with the brakes and brake disc to inch the propeller shaft for maintenance and accurate alignment. For a more cost effective solution, a simple manual option is also available for this purpose.

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Benefits of a Complete Integrated System

When purchasing a complete turning gear system integrated with locking and braking from Altra, customers can consolidate 3 separate interfaces into one multi-functional solution: Turning ‘T’, Locking ‘L’, and Braking ‘B’, which enables customers to save dimensional space, decrease installation and maintenance time and reduce costs!


  • Turning Torques up to 454kNm speeds up to 2.6 rpm depending on configuration.
  • Braking torques up to 862 kNm based on the standard range.
  • Custom disc sizes available.
  • Wide range of proven brakes: spring applied or pressure applied, pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Manual Turning and Locking available for power failure condition
  • Infinite positioning
  • Fixed speed in both directions (variable as an option)
  • Balanced load profile
  • Balanced braking
  • Quicker & safer stopping
  • Local and Remote operation to suit customer preference
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  • Turning, Locking, & Braking Systems for Marine Propulsion
  • A4 - Turning, Locking, & Braking Systems for Marine Propulsion

Twiflex Turning, Locking, and Braking Overview