Twiflex Complete Hydraulic Brake Packages

October 10, 2017
Twiflex Brake Packages

Twiflex now has new compact hydraulic brake packages that provide single-source convenience for a wide range of industrial applications. Standard packages are available with three different spring applied, hydraulically released brake models with braking force ratings ranging from 6.8 kN to 119 kN.

With the ability to provide superior performance in various situations, these brake packages meet the static holding and stopping duty requirements of many types of applications. Combining Twiflex spring applied, hydraulically released caliper brakes with the state-of-the-art LCS hydraulic power unit mounted on a custom fabricated base/pedestal, the compact size of these units allow them to fit into applications where space is limited.

Standard brakes are available in MXSH (max. braking force: 14.3 kN), VCS (max. braking force: 62 kN) and VKSD (max braking force: 119 kN) Disc Brake Caliper Packages, while all three packages are shipped complete with a hand pump, terminal box and pressure gauge.

No matter the unit, these brakes were built for long-lasting, trouble-free performance.

Please see these complete hydraulic brake packages at upcoming trade shows where you will be able to ask any questions that you may have as well as receive additional information.

Upcoming Shows:

  • Pacific Marine Expo, Seattle, WA (Nov. 16-18)
  • International Workboat Show, New Orleans, LA (Nov. 29-Dec. 1)


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