We’re going to Orlando! Find our solutions for the amusement ride market at IAAPA 2022

November 8, 2022
IAAPA 2022 Rides

Did you know Altra Industrial Motion brands provide state-of-the-art braking systems, overrunning clutches, gearing and geared motors, and linear actuators for use on all types of amusement rides?

Amusement ride manufacturers around the world have come to rely on Altra brand solutions to meet their most challenging application requirements. And this fall, we’ll be displaying these solutions at the annual IAAPA trade show in Orlando, Florida.

Our global brands expertise in standard and custom-designed power transmission component solutions for a wide range of attractions, including ferris/observation wheels, water/boat rides, vertical lift rides, cable-drawn transport, and roller coasters. Check us out at booth #2936.

Not going to make it to IAAPA?

Learn more about some of our top solutions for the amusement ride market:

Bauer Gear Motor

amusement ride boat drives
Bauer BG Series Gear Motor

Submersible Bauer Gear Motors can power water rides in depths up to 15 feet. The complete gear motor package can provide reliable service while totally submerged operating under full load.

This gearmotor can operate in open air with the same performance. Submersible units feature an IP68 motor and gearbox and optional brake utilizing high performance shaft seals, stainless steel output shafts, and marine grade coatings. Learn more here.

Formsprag Clutch

Boat Water Ride
Formsprag FSO 900 Clutch

Formsprag Clutch’s FSO overrunning clutches are a popular choice among ride manufacturers. The Model FSO-500 clutch is utilized on the world’s longest wooden roller coaster at a theme park in Ohio.

The four-minute ride reaches speeds of 65 mph with a 137 ft. vertical drop. Mounted to the drive tire brake system, the FSO-500 clutch stops unwanted backward movement of the train cars. Formsprag LLH holdback clutches are also utilized on amusement rides.

These ready-to-install units are equipped with a one-piece, quickly detachable torque arm, and grease labyrinth protected oil seals. Learn more here.


amusement ride
Twiflex GMR-SD Caliper Brakes

Twiflex spring-applied, air-released GMR-SD caliper brakes are an industry-proven, low-noise solution for amusement ride applications.

GMR-SD disc brake features include a robust design, low-maintenance burden, rapid pad change, and low air pressure requirement.

The GMR is one of the largest lever-type calipers in a disc brake range that spans 300N to almost 800,000N braking force. Brakes may be spring or pressure applied, and operated manually, electrically, pneumatically, or via hydraulics. Learn more here.

Boston Gear

Amusement ride conveyor
BG Doublr Reduction 700

Boston Gear’ s 700 Series Double Reduction Gearbox is a compact speed reducer unit featuring a 600:1 ratio and a rated output torque of 5,900 lb.in.

All 700 Series units feature high-strength bronze worm gears mounted between heavy-duty, tapered roller bearings.

Large oil reservoirs provide efficient heat dissipation for a low operating temperature, which combined with a highly effective sealing system, yield a long operating life despite the 24/7 operating conditions. Learn more here.

Altra is positioned to provide ride OEMs with exceptional drivetrain value by ensuring component compatibility and optimized performance combined with time-saving, single-source convenience.

Learn more about our position within the amusement ride market here.