Expedited High-Speed Coupling Rebuild for Gas Turbine

September 26, 2023
Expidited High Speed Coupling

At the Twiflex Repair & Rebuild Service Centre, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, support, and repair to help you achieve peak performance and maximum efficiency from your assets. With our range of services tailored to meet your unique needs, you can rely on us to minimise unplanned downtime through preventative and predictive maintenance.


A major gas and steam turbine manufacturer located in Germany, wanted a customer’s high-speed coupling inspected and refurbished after years of trouble-free service. The work had to be completed during a tight time window while its customer’s European power plant was shutdown for scheduled preventive maintenance. The coupling, installed between a gas turbine and a generator, is a critical component; essential for continuous operation of the power plant.


The highly-engineered Bibby Turboflex HS disc coupling was shipped to the Twiflex Repair and Rebuild Service Center. The facility, located in Bedford, UK, offers complete repair and rebuild services for several Regal Rexnord brands, including Twiflex, Bibby Turboflex and Wichita Clutch. Upon arrival at the Repair & Rebuild Service Center, the coupling was disassembled and shot blasted.

- All components were measured on the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). - Non-destructive Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) testing was completed.
- Bearing stub shaft thread was stripped and needed to be replaced.
- Adaptor plates were cleaned.
- All wear components, including bearings, flexible element packs and fasteners, were replaced.
- Shear pins were removed and replaced.
- The coupling was phosphate-coated for corrosion resistance, re-assembled and balanced.

As original equipment manufacturers, Regal Rexnord teams at the Twiflex Repair and Rebuild Service Center have the expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies to perform refurbishment work to the same exacting standards as the components initial production specifications. The coupling was shipped back to the customer in “like new” condition with a full 1-year warranty 14 days after its arrival.

Cost savings for a coupling rebuild is typically 30-40% of the cost of a completely new coupling.

Expedited high Speed Coupling Rebuild