Experience the Thrills of Amusement Ride Technology with Twiflex at IAAPA 2023

November 15, 2023
Regal Rexnotd at IAAPA EXPO 2023

Regal Rexnord, a global leader in custom engineered power transmission solutions, is thrilled to participate in the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions annual convention in Orlando, Florida!

The largest tradeshow for the amusement ride and theme park industry, IAAPA gives our brands a unique opportunity to speak directly with OEMs, distributors, and end-users in this exciting market.

This year we are showcasing our comprehensive range of power transmission technologies for this market. If you’re at IAAPA Nov. 14-17, be sure to visit us at Booth 4511!

Powerful, Low-Noise Caliper Brakes for Amusement Rides

The Twiflex® spring-applied, air-released GMR-SD caliper brakes are an industry-proven, low-noise solution for amusement ride applications. Featuring a robust design and low-maintenance burden, these brakes offer rapid pad change and low air pressure requirements.

The GMR is one of the largest lever-type calipers in a disc brake range that spans 300N to almost 800,000N braking force.

WATCH: Video of Twiflex GMR Caliper Brake on “Soarin’” Ride at Disney

Read about a Twiflex GMR Caliper Brake at work on a simulator attraction in Canada.

Reliable Powertrain Solutions for Amusement Rides and other Theme Park applications

The brands of Regal Rexnord provide state-of-the-art standard and custom-designed brakes, bearings, gearboxes, precision motors, roller chain, and clutches for Ferris wheels, water/boat rides, lift rides, roller coasters, video games, ticket taping, and more. We work with distributors, OEMs, and end-users to tackle design challenges, retrofits, rebuilds and repairs, and routine maintenance.

Regal Rexnord Powertrain Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide ride OEMs with exceptional drivetrain value, ensuring optimized performance and cost and time savings through single-source convenience. Our rugged and reliable Powertrain Solutions keep amusement rides moving ... in turn, keeping parkgoers happy!

Visit our booth this week to talk with our engineering experts. To learn more about our caliper brakes, contact Twiflex today.