Twiflex Shaft Arrangements

A coupling-shaft-coupling arrangement is commonly called a cardan shaft or if the couplings are rubber based, a flexible shaft. The majority of the couplings supplied by Twiflex are for use in a shaft arrangement.

Shafts are used when there is a need to bridge a distance between two pieces of equipment. The cardan shaft arrangement also permits much higher levels of misalignment that a single coupling can tolerate. Being self supporting, both Layrub and Laylink couplings are well suited for use in a shaft arrangement.

The following shaft arrangements are used and can be supplied by Twiflex:

  • Coupling-plate-coupling (close coupled assembly).
  • Coupling-fixed length shaft-coupling.
  • Coupling-splined shaft-coupling.
  • Universal joint (UJ) shafts.
  • Coupling-shaft-Hookes joint.