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Twiflex GMR-SD Caliper Brakes for Coal Field Dragline

Twiflex recently provided GMR-SD caliper brakes for use on a new medium-duty 4,500 ton dragline at a mine in India. The brakes stop the dragline’s load from moving as quickly as possible and bring it to rest in a controlled manner to avoid shocking the drivetrain and machine frame. The GMR-SD brakes are designed to handle the high energy associated with stopping these massive loads.

The GMR-SD caliper is Twiflex’s most popular model for draglines and consists of a cast frame with two pivot-mounted arms which are actuated by a spring-applied, air-released thruster. Depending on the peak disc temperature calculated, the calipers can be fitted with either organic or sintered bronze pads which are suitable for emergency stops.

Twiflex provided GMR-SD spring-applied, air-released caliper brakes for the following dragline motors:

  • 4 hoist & 4 drag 1230 kW motors:
    Each with multiple GMR-SD 15.6 caliper brakes operating on 38" dia. discs that provide a combined braking force of 108 kN
  • 4 swing 932 kW motors:
    Each with multiple GMR-SD 8.4 caliper brakes operating on 38" dia. discs that provide a combined braking force of 58.5 kN
Twiflex GMR-SD Caliper Brakes


  • Spring-applied, air-released caliper brakes
  • Easy-to-replace brake pads
  • Torque adjusted to meet operating conditions
  • Modularity allows for quick change out

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