Clutch Couplings

Twiflex manufactures a range of torsionally flexible, rubber element couplings for a range of duties. Sometimes combined with a brake disc, they are a critical interface between components of a transmission system. Twiflex engineers are available to discuss, analyse and advise on coupling suitability for any application, and provide the technical support needed.

Perfect for engine drives because:

  • Engine starts and idle free of load
  • Serves as automatic throttle controlled clutch
  • Eliminates shock loads.
  • Prevents engine stall under sudden overload
  • Prevents engine reverse swing when coming to rest
  • Limits vibratory torques to safe level
  • Combines advantages of an efficient flexible coupling.
  • 100% efficiency saves fuel.
  • Long trouble-free life with no routine maintenance.

Perfect for electric motor drives because:

  • Motor is started under no load.
  • Uses peak motor torque to start heavy inertia machinery.
  • Loads are smoothly accelerated giving soft start.
  • Reduces shock on shafts and gearing
  • Gives protection against momentary overloads.
  • 100% efficient power transmission.
  • Serves as an efficient flexible coupling.
  • Automatic action, ideal for dual/stand-by drives.
  • Saves energy therefore saves costs..
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