Flexi Clutch

A set of weighted lined shoes are carried by flexible cylindrical blocks in a central hub, permitting appreciable deflection under load, thereby imparting the low torsional stiffness characteristic which is an important feature of this design.

Compression springs disposed radially under each shoe provide adjustable restraint to give control of the engaging speed (at which the shoes move into contact with the drum).


The drive units are dimensionally interchangeable with the link designs and use the same shaft hubs, drums and adapter flanges.

These clutches are truly bi-directional, having an equal slip torque characteristic in either direction of rotation.

    • Combined soft flexible coupling and centrifugal clutch.
    • Finer control over engaging speed.
    • Bi-directional rotation.
    • Torsional flexibility and damping.
    • Flexible blocks can be changed to bring the critical speeds of transmission systems out of operational range.