Electro Hydraulic Power Units

Twiflex has consolidated decades of development to produce a range of electro-hydraulic power units to meet most application requirements. Each power unit has been designed for reliability, high performance and low maintenance, and is supplied with a comprehensive easy-to-read installation, operation and maintenance manual. The Twiflex datasheets contain user guides giving a step-by-step selection process. Contact Twiflex application engineers to discuss your requirements in detail.

LCS - Electro-Hydraulic Power Units

The "LCS" range of stand-alone power units is designed to operate standard Twiflex brakes, from the compact MS caliper up to and including a VKSD spring applied hydraulically released unit, providing basic on/off control. Selectable “fast-approach/soft-braking” function is included as standard and there are various options available including a range of operating and motor voltages, and various add-on accessories such as the electrical terminal box and hand pump.

The "soft braking" function, used to mitigate the effects of torsional shock induced during emergency stops, enables rapid closing of the pad/disc air gap followed by passively controlled application of braking force up to full torque. Refer to data sheet DS3051.

MP - Electro Hydraulic Power Units

The modular “MP” range of electro-hydraulic power packs has been designed to provide a completely flexible means of brake control in the most arduous operating environments.

The units are composed of one of three base modules, dictated by the size and number of calipers to be controlled, comprising motor, pump and reservoir.

The hydraulic circuit is then selected, based on the operation and control logic required by the application and may range from a simple ‘on/off’ function to full closed loop PLC control. Finally, auxiliary options are specified (for example, hand pump for manual caliper release; heater for low ambient temperatures; stainless steel components for marine environments, etc.).

The “MP” solution is especially useful when the application requires independent control of multiple brake circuits. Refer to data sheet DS3002 or contact Twiflex for more details.