Twiflex Complete Braking Packages

Twiflex brake packages combine world-class Twiflex spring applied, hydraulically released caliper brakes with the state-of-the-art LCS hydraulic power unit mounted on a custom fabricated base/ pedestal. These compact units feature a small footprint allowing them to fit into applications with limited space available.

Complete, ready-to-install brake assemblies from Twiflex provide time-saving convenience to OEMs while ensuring component compatibility and optimized performance.

Standard Brake Packages

Twiflex packaged solutions are available with three different spring-applied, hydraulically-released brake models as standard. Nominal force ratings range from 6.8 kN to 119 kN. Each system includes a bracket-mounted caliper on an integral mounting base, dedicated HPU (electro-hydraulic power unit) and associated accessories: Hand-pump, terminal box and pressure gauge.

Custom Engineered Brake Packages

Twiflex engineers routinely configure custom brake package solutions to meet individual OEM specifications. A range of Twiflex spring applied, hydraulically released brake models can be incorporated into the design to achieve specific braking requirements. Certain size dual brake configurations can be utilized for higher braking torque applications.


    All Standard Packages Include:

    • Brake Assembly (spring applied, hydraulically released)
    • LCS Hydraulic Power Unit
    • Mounting Base/Pedestal
    • Hand Pump (including manual detents)
    • Terminal Box
    • Pressure Gauge (0-250 bar)