GMX Series Direct Acting Disc Brake Caliper

The Twiflex GMX series of disc brake calipers is similar to the MX range but offers greater pad area. The GMX25, GMX30 and GMX40 are suitable for use with discs of 25.4mm, 30mm and 40mm thick respectively. The SGMX caliper is only suitable for use with discs 25.4mm think. Minimum disc diameter is 610mm.

The GMX/SGMX calipers may be used with any of the Twiflex series of thrusters and feature a patented link mechanism to ensure uniform pad wear.

Normally one or two calipers are used per disc, but the number may be increased depending on disc size. The brakes may be positioned at any angle around the periphery of the disc, but should ideally be mounted horizontally (i.e. at the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position). If the caliper mounting angle is greater than 10° from the horizontal, or on vertical shaft applications, it should be fitted with an inclined mounting kit or equalising link. A range of brake discs is available from Twiflex (see Disc and Hub Assemblies).

For pneumatic operation use dry, filtered and non-lubricated compressed air. Pneumatic brakes require a control valve, operated either manually or by pneumatic or electrical signal.

The ratings shown on the graphs are based on fully bedded in and conditioned brake pads with a nominal friction coefficient μ = 0.4. Twiflex disc brakes must be used with Twiflex asbestos free brake pads.

Effective disc radius = actual radius (m) – 0.06m.