The Twiflex VH disc brake caliper is comprised of two modules secured between U-shaped top and bottom mounting plates by tie rods.

Typically one or two calipers are used per disc, but the number may be increased depending on disc size. The brakes may be positioned at any angle around the periphery, but ideally mounted horizontally.

Minimum disc diameter is 1000mm with no maximum except for practical limitations. The standard caliper can accommodate disc thicknesses from 38mm to 50mm - consult Twiflex for discs thicker than 50mm.

A tandem caliper arrangement is available sharing a common, central, mounting plate; minimum disc diameter is 2000mm.

    • Hydraulically-applied,spring-released caliper disk brake can be used for a large variety of propulsion systems
    • Easy friction pad replacement and simple mounting,either singly or in groups
    • Heavy duty base mounting caliper with spring retraction of pads and manual adjustment for pad wear
    • Special tandem VH calipers with double torque capacity are available