Twiflex MU Series Spring Applied Caliper

The Twiflex MU series of disc brake calipers is the smallest in the Twiflex range and is primarily intended for light stopping and holding duties. Its design permits left or right-handed assembly.

The caliper is suitable for use with a disc thickness of 8mm, however, with a revised thruster mounting arrangement, may be used with discs 12.7mm thick. Minimum disc diameter is 150mm. A range of brake discs is available from Twiflex (see Disc and Hub Assemblies).

Fixing bolt to be supplied by the customer.

For pneumatic operation use dry, filtered and non-lubricated compressed air. Pneumatic brakes require a control valve, operated either manually or by pneumatic or electrical signal.

The ratings shown on the graphs are based on fully bedded in and conditioned brake pads with a nominal friction coefficient μ = 0.4. Twiflex disc brakes must be used with Twiflex asbestos free brake pads.

Effective disc radius = actual radius (m) – 0.02m.