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With the continuing requirement for increased safety, Twiflex offer a range of devices to manually lock the shaft during maintenance providing a safer working environment.

The devices are available as either axial locking using holes in the disc face (or gearwheel as part of the Twiflex Turning, Locking, Braking TLB system) or radially locking using a tapered pawl which is designed to engage in slots machined in the outer disc or coupling periphery.

Radial Locking Application Image

Twiflex Type RL65 (75 kN force) radial lock, and associated locking disc, installed on 970 kW tugboat diesel engine


  • Increased Safety: Enables safe locking of the shaft for maintenance and to stop propeller rotation caused by a flow stream when stationary
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Used to lock the shaft to prevent ‘wind milling’ whilst in operation (twin or multiple screw)
  • Shaft Line Protection: Locking to protect redundant or damaged shaft lines whilst at sea

Product Features

  • Full range of locking forces available up to 500 kN
  • Axial and radial engagement as standard
  • Positive lever actuation which remains locked when engaged
  • Design offers a more cost effective and compact solution when holding is the only requirement for safety critical applications
  • Available as either base or face mount
  • All devices equipped with lock on/ lock off status sensors
  • Multiple devices used together will provide higher locking torques
  • High capacity, custom solutions on request
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