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The SE55 torque limiting module, designed for high-torque applications, features the largest torque capacity on the market. The SE55 utilizes Bibby’s spring-loaded ball detent design with a maximum tangential force rating of 480 kN to provide complete disengagement on overload.

Units are built to provide protection from motor power spikes, jams and short circuits on hightorque metal mill and mining applications including mine HPGRs and ball and SAG mills. Fewer modules are now required to achieve high break-out torques, minimizing space needed, simplifying installation and reducing future maintenance burden.

Product Features

  • Maximum tangential force rating of 480 kN
  • Complete disconnect on overload
  • Consistent reaction times to zero transmitted torque of approx. 5 ms
  • Simple manual reset
  • Manual disconnect (optional)
  • Tamper-proof torque setting
  • Highly-repeatable breakout torque up to + 5%
  • Radial or axial installation
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SE55 Torque Limiter Modules